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Accurate Audio and Design offers CD Pressing, Vinyl Pressing, Graphic Design, Web Design, Audio Transfers, and a few other services ranging from promotional products to getting your music on iTunes.

We provide fast, friendly, and professional service.
Our goal is customer satisfaction. We want your project to succeed.

We have;

  • 25 years experience

  • Competitive, budget-conscious pricing

  • Pride in the quality of our work

  • Strict attention to detail

Full-service in-house graphic designer available

Friendly, knowledgeable staff eager to discuss your project

The people who work here are musicians, artists, and engineers themselves, who understand the importance of first impressions. We take pride in every job we work on. We use our expertise to do the job as quickly as possible while paying attention to your concerns and taking care of the all-important details. We use only high-quality materials, and the personal care that goes into all of our designing and manufacturing services lets us ensure the quality of the finished materials.

Accurate Audio and Design can also provide you with the best in graphic design, layout and artistic input.

Accurate Audio Client List and Testimonials



6.8.2. Records Inc. (Sudbury, ON), Absolute Wedding (Winnipeg, MB), Adam Jesin, Airways Airbrushing, Alexandra Kane, Alysha Brilla, Alyson McNamara, Amplitusion, Amy McConnell, Andrea Simone, Ann Chaplin, APPrO - the Association of Power Producers of Ontario, Aria Tesolin, Arlene Paculan, ASF Gymnastics, Ault Sisters, Avenue Road Arts School, Avery Raquel, Avi Katz, Babak, Ballroom Babies, Barbie Lee Jak, Ben Pakulski, Bernie Breen Management, Bill McBirnie - Extreme Flute, BlahBlahBlah Magazine (Barrie, ON), Boglaw – Boghosian and Associates, Bovine Sex Club, Brass Transit, Breadfan, Brocade (Vancouver, BC), Business Source, Byron Bellows, C3R Records (Ottawa, ON) , CA - Chartered Accountants of Ontario, Cactus Vella, Cameron Brothers Band, CAMH - Center for Addictions and Mental Health, Camp SIS, the Canadian Hearing Society, Canadian Opera Company, Carl Petzelt, Cheryl Thibideau, Chop Suicide, Chris Naylor Reptiles (Barrie, ON), Chris Seldon, CJ Sleez, Class Assassins, Claudio Santaluce, Corgasm, CUPE Local 4308, Dangerfields (Belfast, Ireland), Danny Day Tattoos (Burlington, ON), Darryl Marshall Images (Winnipeg, MB), Dead Starlets (Barrie, ON), Deadly Romantics (Glasgow, Scotland), Donny DaSilva, Douglas Romanow, Elaine Overholt, Energy Martial Arts Academy, Estelle Deschamps, Etude Records (Barcelona, Spain), Flip Publicity, Forgotten Rebels (Hamilton, ON), GAF Painting (Vancouver, BC), GAT - Publicity and Public Relations, Grateful Head (Hair Salon in Toronto, ON), Greg Kavanagh, Heidi Maria Peach (Buffalo, NY, USA), Helen Victoros, Helix, Laura Hubert, Hype Music – Paula Danylevich, International Zombies of Love, J. Sean Elliott, Jab (Peterborough, ON), Jackie Richardson, Jade Mya, Jim Smith, JOGA with Jana Webb, Jonny Debt, Allegra Jordyn, Juice, Juliann Kuchocki, Justin Hines, Justine Warrington (Los Angeles, CA), KC Roberts and the Live Revolution, Kids in the Hall, Kumonga, Larry Jensen (Oakville, Ontario), League of Rock, Led Hot Zili Peppers (Hamilton, ON), the Lifetakers (Vancouver, BC), Low Level Flight, Lynn Johnston (Sudbury, ON), the Mad Ones, Maximum RNR, Eleanor McCain, Michael Doyle (Oshawa, Ontario), Michelle Mele, Mickey DeSadist (Hamilton, ON), Midnight Shine (James Bay, ON), Mike Hall (Winnipeg, MB), Mike Villeneuve (Sudbury, ON), Mista Ranking (Barrie, ON), Jessie Munro, New Zealand Youth Choir (New Zealand), Nightbox, Noble - Clarke Law Offices, Noble Street Studios, Noble Street Technical Services, One Star Studio (Barrie, ON), Orange Lounge, Pamela Dogra, the Pariahs, Park9, Planet Earth, Purpeloid, Rancho Relaxo - Mexican Restaurant, Rehab Dolls (Ottawa, ON), Richard Potvin (Sault Ste Marie, ON), Repercussionists (Dartmouth, Nova Scotia), Reptile Wrangler (Barrie, ON), Resignators (Australia), Robert Priest, Sam Cash, Santino, Savanah, Scott McCord and the Bonafide Truth, Sean Ashby, Sick Kids Hospital, Signe Miranda, Silvergun & Spleen (Vancouver, BC), the Sinisters, Skylar Entertainment, Sonic Ruin Magazine (USA), South Coast Cultural Society, South Coast Jazz, Spinwheel Band (Slovenia),, Staci T. Rat, Starlight, Sterling James (Colbourne, ON), Steve Raiman, Steve Staryk, Strokes Ink Tattoos (Streetsville, ON), Sunil Tulsiani, TC Folkpunk, Tim Cameron and That Satisfying Crunch!, Tony Camara, Toronto Childrens Chorus, Toronto Song Contest – 2009, TrashPit Magazine (Nottingham, England), TrashPit Records (Nottingham, England), UK Subs (London, England), Union Duke, Universal Soul Service (L.A., California), Urban Dog - Fitness and Spa, Video Cabaret, WHIWH - Women's Health in Women's Hands, Tanya Wills, Young Running, the Zilis


“Working with Staci Patten at Accurate Audio has made the design of my website and duplicating my DVD a seamless, stress-free process. Work is done with efficiency and professionalism.”
Jana Webb, JOGA

“Staci has been so great to work with. He is flexible, very creative, has great communication skills and is very responsive to customer needs. I highly recommend Accurate Audio and Staci Patten for any project that requires graphic design”
Pam Dogra, ETFO Executive Officer


“Accurate Audio is fast, friendly and reliable. They do a top job every time!”
Paula Danylevich, Hype Music


"Staci Patten did a superb job on the artwork. Quite simply, he nailed it! …I really appreciated all of the advice and counsel I received from Staci throughout the entire process.”
Bill McBirnie, Extreme Flute


“I was very impressed by the high level of service and professionalism demonstrated by Accurate Audio. We were very pleased with our dvd's"
Claire Langevine, Social Marketing Coordinator, Women's Health in Women's Hands

"Staci is great! Very helpful throughout the process and good advice on the artwork. CD's came in as promised sounding good and looking even better."
Stephen Terry, The Repercussionists

"Staci Patten is easy to work with, fast, responsive, and very professional. I needed flyers and a website designed quickly and he made the whole process a stress free one."
Helen Victoros, ETT Executive Officer

Accurate Audio FAQs


  • Do you offer digipaks and cardboard sleeves?
    Yes, we are happy to offer quality digipaks, cardboard sleeves and wallet-style cardboard sleeves
  • What do I need to place an order for CDs, DVDs?"
    The Audio Master – This is the disc that you will supply that the order is made from.It should be in good, playable condition. Ideally with no scratches or fingerprints Paperwork – There are 2 forms that need to be signed with every new order. The master Approval Form and the IPR Form Artwork files - Feel free to contact us when you are starting your artwork. We'd love to help A deposit - All new orders require a 50% deposit
  • Which formats can you accommodate for audio and video transfers?
    Digital - Pro-Tools, Logic, ADAT, DA88, DAT, Mini-Disc, CD and DVD Analog - 2” tape – 16 & 24 Track, 1/2” tape – 2 track, 1/4” tape – 2 track, Cassettes, Micro-cassettes, Vinyl, VHS
  • Can I have my entire vinyl collection converted to CD?
    Yes, absolutely, or to mp3s or both! * Staci's Note - "If you have a minimum of 10, we offer a significant discount."
  • How much does it cost for audio transfers?
    Most analog to digital audio transfers are $75/hr. There are also a few select transfers that would be $90/hr (for example: 24 track 2" tape) and we also have flat rates for some other transfers
  • What’s the difference between duplicating and Manufacturing?
    Duplicating is the act of copying the information from one source to another. These are CDr's. Manufacturing is actually making the discs themselves and then stamping the information into it. These are CD's.
  • What is the turn around time for a CD or DVD order?
    Regular turn around time for most CD and DVD orders is 10 business days from master approval and deposit. Rush orders are always available to meet tight deadlines at an additional cost.
  • We have recorded a cover song. Can we include that recording on our CDs?
    Yes, if you made the recording and you get permission from the original songwriter. See the CMRRA. * Staci's Note - "It is pretty easy to fill out the paperwork, but sometimes it can take awhile, so look into it sooner than later."
  • What audio file format should I use to create my audio master for a CD Order?
    The final, sequenced master should be 16 bit, 44.1kHz. This is the red book CD standard.
  • Will the finished CDs sound the same as my audio master?
  • What is Pre-mastering for vinyl?
    Pre-mastering is the process of getting your audio ready for the vinyl lacquer cutting stage. If your audio is already mastered for vinyl, you will not require pre-mastering services from Accurate Audio and Design.
  • What is required for submitting an acceptable vinyl pre-master to Accurate Audio and Design?
    Source Audio Files: 24 bit 96kHz WAV or AIFF format file is the vinyl pre-master standard. Other file resolutions are acceptable, down to CD quality audio, 16 bit 44.1kHz MP3 audio is not a suitable source for vinyl production. The source audio files should be provided as a single WAV or AIFF format file for each side, with track spacing as it is intended to appear on the record and with an accompanying PQ sheet, indicating track IDs Running times: As a general rule, the longer a side is, the quieter the record will be. Our general guideline for maximum side length is 20 minutes for a 12" 33 rpm record and 14 minutes for a 12" 45 rpm record. However, it's the bass content in the music that takes up the physical space on the disc, so it's sometimes possible to have a longer side without compromising the level or audio quality. Not all masters benefit significantly from shorter sides. As well, some styles of music are more ideally suited to a higher playback level, in which case shorter side lengths (15-18 minutes at 33 rpm, 9-12 minutes at 45 rpm) are recommended. Level: We cut your record at the maximum level possible within the confines of the vinyl medium. The longer side of the record determines the level for all sides, unless otherwise specified.
  • My friend designed our album artwork. Can I use it?
    You can have anyone you want design your artwork as long as it meets the required specifications. If you aren’t sure, feel free to contact us. We would love to help.
  • What other graphic services besides cd layout and design do you offer?
    We offer graphic design for any project as well as website design, social media, and Consultations. Graphic design and Website design are $90/hr


Here are some terms that will help you when placing your order with us.

All submitted artwork should be 300dpi.


Accepted File types
We can work with .psd, .tif, .jpg, .pdf, .eps, and .ai.
**Any submitted artwork with externally linked images/files will be subject to an additional $35 charge.

Accepted File Formats
We can accept artwork on CD, DVD, USB Flash drive, email and FTP

The surface of the CD.

The piece of printed material in a pocket or the front of a jewel case.

1 panel (2 pg.), 2 panel (4 pg.), 3 panel (6 pg.), etc…
Panels are the portions of the 'insert'.
For example, a birthday card has 2 panels (left and right).
You can also count the number of panels on an insert by the number of folds an insert has.
(1 panel = no fold, 2 panel = 1 fold, 3 panel = 2 folds, etc.)
The maximum amount of panels an insert can have is 6.
If more than 6 panels are required for your project, you can move on to a booklet.

When an insert requires 8 pages or more, we offer booklets.
Booklets are available in 8pg, 12pg, 16pg, 20pg, 24pg, 28pg and 32pg.

The piece of print material in the back of the jewel case (under the cd).

The area in which graphics extend beyond a documents final trim size. Because print material moves during the printing and cutting stages, bleed is necessary to avoid white space on the edges of your product. It should be 1/8” on all sides.

Safety Zone
This is the area that ensures that no important type or images will be cut when the final product is trimmed.
It should be about 1/8” inward from the trim size.

Die Line/Cut Line/Trim Size
The final size of a printed product after the last trim is made.

All text must be converted to outlines or simply flatten the image. Please also make sure that you are not using a font size smaller than 6pt or it may not print clearly.

Here are some terms that will help you when placing your order with us.

4+4 (4/4)
Full colour on both sides of print material.

4+1 (4/1)
Full colour on one side of print material and black & white (or grayscale) on the other side.

4+0 (4/0)
Full colour on one side of print material and blank on the other side.

CMYK (Process Colours)
These are the 4 colours the professional printing industry uses to create all colours.
All artwork should be converted to CMYK mode before sending off for print.

C – Cyan
Process blue, used in combination with the other three process colours to create every available printed colour.

M –Magenta
Process red, used in combination with the other three process colours to create every available printed colour.

Y – Yellow
Process yellow, used in combination with the other three process colours to create every available printed colour.

K – Black
Process black, used in combination with the other three process colours to create every available printed colour.
Process black is not a deep rich black, but more of a really dark gray. To get a “Rich” black, use a combination of all four process colours (C = 50, Y=50, M=50, K=100)
Do not use a “Rich” black on small text sizes or a registration problem will occur.


  • Check for spelling mistakes on the finished artwork

  • Accurate Audio and Design requires a %50 deposit on all orders

Accurate Audio Resource Links




Canadian Musical Reproduction Rights Agency Ltd.

CD Database

Bandcamp helps artists sell their music and merch directly to their fans


When you deliver your materials to us at Accurate Audio and Design, you are the only one authorized to tell us what to do with it. We do not release or sell your materials to other parties. We do not use it for any purposes other than that which has been authorized. Your project will be archived until you, the owner, need it again.
When you fill out our online form to request a quote or ask us a question, we require certain personal information such as your name, email address or telephone number.
We do not release any information to any other agency or business.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the confidentiality of your personal information or the work that we are doing for you, please contact us

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